This simple home is organized around a courtyard to the south, a beloved tree to the north, and distant views of Lake Gaston beyond. A breezeway connects the back terrace with a lakeside screened porch suspended above the ground to minimize disturbance to the site. Living and dining spill out onto this porch hung in the trees.

As a home for a librarian, space for books, including a library, were essential. Thick walls of built-ins created book shelving, niches for objects and furniture, framed views, and windowseat.

Upstairs a roof deck is accessible from the master and guest bedrooms, allowing homeowners Paul and Jeanne wide views of the lake and a unique experience of their land, high up and outside. For Jeanne, an avid birdwatcher, it is a place where she can be among the birds.

Designed by Tina Govan Architect