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Star, NC is a small town at the geographic center of North Carolina. Like many towns across NC, Star used to be home to a vibrant textile mill. When the mill closed down in the late 1990's, the rural town lost its economic engine. In the early 2000's, STARworks, a non profit agency devoted to growing and developing creative enterprises, acquired the 184,000-square-foot, 80-year-old textile mill.

STARworks has since transformed the old textile mill into an incubation center for arts and crafts-related businesses. STARworks has infused the town of Star with new life as a cultural magnet for artists, craftspeople, and creative entrepeneurs. 



We renovated 40,000 square feet of space with spacious and well-lit studio workspaces, while taking care to maintain and celebrate the historic character of the old textile mill. The building is now home to a cutting edge glassmaking studio, clay fabrication studio, ceramics supply house, geothermal and renewable energy contractor, and community farm that raises organic meats and vegetables.

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Suzy Cash: Project Manager;  Paul Drake: Design Team, in the office of Frank Harmon Architect.