Harts Mill Street Elevation.jpg


Hart’s Mill is a group of forward thinking individuals who intend to create a farm based community on a 112 acre site in Orange County. They plan to challenge existing models of development by cooperatively self-creating a community around a shared vision and ethics.  It will include approximately thirty homes, a common house,  central pedestrian street,  community garden and  working farm.

Hart’s Mill intends to produce much of its own food, fiber, energy, and encourage the establishment of land-based enterprises. This project will likely become a replicable model for future communities in North Carolina and beyond. The Schematic Design phase was completed in 2016 in collaboration with Frank Harmon Architect, and we are looking forward to carrying this exciting vision to the next step. For more information on Hart’s Mill or to learn how to join the community, please visit their website.  

Designed by Suzy Cash, Paul Drake and Frank Harmon in the office of Frank Harmon Architect.