Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve is situated above a dramatic oxbow formed by the Neuse River. The landscape architecture firm of Surface 678, the Design Team Leader and Park Designer of this 146-acre site,  worked with Frank Harmon Architect to create the City of Raleigh's first off-the-grid park. It has won numerous awards and is a showcase for innovation in sustainability and low impact park development and management practices.  

Suzy Cash worked with Frank Harmon Architect to design the renovation of the original farmhouse on the site. The Frank Harmon Architect team also designed the picnic pavilion and rest/comfort station so they fit naturally in the landscape. All park structures are designed off-the-grid, served by green, alternative energy systems, wastewater treatment terraces, and on-site water sources to present unique interpretive and demonstration opportunities. Storm water runoff is treated in a decentralized fashion, utilizing bioretention rain gardens, porous pavements, and vegetated swales.

The Environmental Education and Arts Center combines indoor and outdoor facilities that will be linked to the internal trail system connecting a wetlands education station, outdoor amphitheater, native plants education area, butterfly meadow, riparian forest and shoreline overlooks, and enhanced bird and wildlife habitat. A greenway trail through the Park forms an important component of the City-wide greenway system as well as linking nearby neighborhoods to the Park.

Suzy Cash: Designer and Project Manager, in the office of Frank Harmon Architect.

Master Plan courtesy of Surface 678